Raid products for cockroaches

Application of a raid against cockroaches. What are the differences between sprays, gels and traps? Mechanism of action and composition of drugs. Efficiency and duration of action. How to properly carry out treatment at home. The advantages of the raid and its disadvantages. Tips and tricks.

Each of us tries in every possible way to protect our home and prevent the appearance of cockroaches. But, unfortunately, these “uninvited guests” do not ask permission and each of us may be faced with a situation where we urgently need to take measures to combat them. The worst thing in this situation is wasting time. After all, Prussians multiply very quickly, and it is much more difficult to destroy large colonies.

Regarding the choice of insecticidal products on the market, it is very large, on the one hand this is a big plus, because everyone can choose what will be most effective in this case. But on the other hand, such a large assortment sometimes becomes the reason for the wrong choice, and this is again wasted time. One of the remedies that is quite popular among consumers is cockroach raid. Before purchasing this or that product, you need to understand what you will be working with and how effective it is.

Mechanism of action

It is worth saying that this tool works comprehensively. The substance contains potent toxic chemicals, which, when they get on the cockroach, affect the nervous system, which leads to paralysis and then death. The substance has a contact-intestinal effect.

Pest raid

In addition, it is not necessary for all individuals to walk on the treated surface to become infected with poisons. It is enough for some cockroaches from the colony to make contact, so they will carry the poison on themselves and infect their relatives.

Release form and composition of the product

There are now several types of raid tools available, each of which has its own characteristics:

  • Spray. It is one of the most effective and promises quick and good results. Convenient and easy to use.
  • Gel. Unlike a spray, it has a slow effect. But the advantage is the long-term effect after treating the room.
  • Trap. It is more of an auxiliary and preventive remedy. In the fight against large colonies of cockroaches, as a separate pesticide it is ineffective.

The formulations use different active substances. For example, the MAX 4+1 raid has 2 active components at once, therefore it is considered the most effective among baits. The first component prevents the reproduction of Prussians, the second - in addition to its destructive effect, eliminates the possibility of addiction to the poison.

The spray is available in bottles of different colors, and they all have different active ingredients. If we talk about the purple bottle, then the destruction of cockroaches is carried out thanks to cyfluthrin. This spray has a milder aroma, which is important when people living in the room suffer from asthma, allergies and respiratory diseases. It is quite economical; with the help of a bottle you can treat 50 m2 of area. It is used not only against cockroaches, but also helps kill fleas, bedbugs and other insects. Has a prolonged effect up to 6 months after spraying.

Red line for pests

The spray in a red bottle is quite popular. Its effectiveness is ensured by its composition, which includes 4 active substances: cypermethrin, prallethrin, imiprotrin and flavoring. The first 3 components are aimed at destroying individuals, they paralyze the insect, and then death occurs. The last component attracts insects with an aroma that they cannot bypass and always come into contact with the pesticide.

Regarding this form of release, such as gel, it refers to products that have a low level of toxicity, which makes them the most harmless. But despite this, they are quite effective, and in some cases simply irreplaceable. After all, a very common situation is when treating a room with an insecticide showed very good results, the cockroaches disappeared, but after a short period of time, they reappeared. This can happen for several reasons, the most common being young individuals that emerged from larvae. After all, it is not always possible to find nests, which means the clutches remain intact and the appearance of new longhorned beetles simply cannot be avoided. In such cases, gel raid helps a lot.

Dichlorvos is one of the most powerful raid agents. It is quite toxic and its use is only possible if the instructions are strictly followed. It allows you to cope with large colonies when the room is heavily infested. In addition, it has a huge advantage: thanks to poisons, you can get rid of the larvae. It is also worth mentioning about long-term exposure after spraying; pesticides are active for 6 weeks.

Traps are also irreplaceable, since in addition to their destructive effect on the Prussians, they are absolutely harmless to humans. They do not emit fumes that can cause harm. They operate as follows: each bait contains an insecticide that attracts pests and then has a detrimental effect.

Instructions for use

In order to be able to treat the entire room, and especially the places where ants are found, you need to prepare:

  1. Find the source of insects. Ants always come from the nest and return there. Their house may well be located both inside a human home and outside it: on the street, with neighbors. It is not always possible to find an anthill, especially if it is located outside the apartment. However, when inspecting your home, you can determine the area where the insects are coming from.
  2. Furniture is moved to the center of the room. Thanks to this, it becomes possible to better inspect the apartment in search of an anthill and carry out the treatment more thoroughly, spraying the insecticide in remote places.
  3. Food, open sources of water (unclosed containers), hygiene items, and children's toys must be taken outside the premises. The poison must not be allowed to get on clothes or bedding. For this reason, all things are either removed from the closets or hermetically sealed with polyethylene.
  4. If there is an aquarium in the house, you should also take care of it: you can take it to another room or cover it with protective glass, turning off the compressor that supplies air.
  5. During processing, animals and children should not be in the room.

The procedure is carried out with the windows and doors closed. To increase the level of efficiency, the ventilation duct is closed. You can use regular tape for this purpose. Then they move on to the second stage - directly to spraying the poison. Instructions:

  1. To increase efficiency, special care is taken to treat areas favored by ants: baseboards, walls, floors, door frames, back walls of furniture, interiors of cabinets. Pests usually live near their food source, so you need to look where waste is regularly left behind: under the sink, near the trash can. When moving, ants form a kind of path. The more insects there are in the house, the denser and more noticeable this path becomes.
  2. The aerosol is directed onto the surface or object that is planned to be processed. The balloon should be held at a level of 20 cm. This is enough to get the desired result. Do not try to bring the cylinder closer to the surface being treated. In this case, the consumption will only increase, but the efficiency will remain at the same level. And, conversely, the further the balloon is from the surface, the worse the result.
  3. After completing the procedure, you need to leave the room for 20-30 minutes, as recommended by the manufacturer. However, you can improve the performance, in which case the room is preserved for several hours. Then you need to open the windows/doors and ventilate the room.
  4. Contact surfaces, such as shelves, door handles, etc., are wiped using a solution based on soap and soda for this purpose. The procedure should be carried out wearing rubber gloves.

The manufacturer gives recommendations regarding the intensity of spraying of the product. So, in order to destroy most of the crawling pests (cockroaches, ants and bedbugs), it is necessary to treat every square meter for 7-9 seconds. After 1-2 weeks, the procedure can be repeated, which will kill the larvae emerging from the eggs.

Benefits and Features

When choosing an insecticide, it is necessary to take into account many factors on which the effectiveness of a particular product will depend.


Regarding the time period during which a positive result can be observed, it will be about 2 weeks, but you always need to take into account the degree of infection of the room; the more individuals there are, the more time it will take to destroy them.

Raid gel

The benefits include:

  • The composition contains additives that attract Prussians, so there is no need to specifically look for their nests; they will find the poison themselves.
  • During processing there is no discomfort due to the unpleasant odor that is present in most insecticides.
  • Easy and convenient to use.

There are also disadvantages:

  • If the apartment is heavily infested, such drugs are ineffective.
  • You should not use it in areas where pets live, because it is quite possible that they will want to try this treat, and this is quite dangerous for their health.


An indispensable bait for prevention purposes. They attract pests with a very pleasant smell. This product consists of a container in the middle of which there is a smelling insecticide. When a cockroach hears the smell, it sneaks into the container through the hole and becomes infected with a deadly poison.

In addition, he brings it on himself to the nests, where he infects other individuals. It is not recommended to use it during spray treatment, as the strong aroma of the aerosol will scare them away from the baits.

Raid bait


Of all the raid products, sprays are the most effective and easy to use. But to use them, you must study the instructions and strictly follow the instructions.

Benefits of the gel substance

Another effective remedy for eliminating cockroaches is a special gel. This composition allows you to get rid of hated parasites within two weeks after its use. After the specified time, the gel is simply washed off from the surface. However, as numerous reviews show, this product only copes with a small number of cockroaches.

Important! It is recommended to purchase the product in gel form only for those who do not have pets at home.

Despite its fairly non-toxic composition, this gel can cause animal poisoning. Its main advantages include good effectiveness against cockroaches and the absence of an unpleasant odor.

Manufacturers of anti-cockroach gels:

  • Brownie;
  • Trap;
  • Dohlox;
  • Raptor;
  • Battalion commander

The advantage is the low price of these funds.

Thanks to such a wide range, everyone will be able to choose the most convenient option for combating parasites. However, do not forget about your own safety. All products, gels and aerosols must be stored out of the reach of children and pets, and work with them must be carried out in well-ventilated areas and only in special clothing - gloves, a mask or a respirator. Only under this condition can you get rid of unsafe cockroaches and at the same time maintain your health.

Residential treatment

  • At the first stage, wet cleaning is carried out. It is necessary to remove all equipment and dishes. Store food in airtight containers or bags. All surfaces in the room are swept and washed. This is done so that the aerosol is well fixed on the surface, otherwise its effect will be significantly reduced.
  • The premises should only be treated using protective equipment. It is necessary to wear clothes that completely cover the body and use rubber gloves. Since application is carried out using a spray, you will need to wear safety glasses to prevent the substance from getting into your eyes. It is also necessary to protect yourself from toxic fumes entering the body through the respiratory tract, so a respirator is used.
  • If possible, move the furniture away from the walls so that there is access to the baseboards and the surface of the furniture from the back.
  • Should not be in the apartment
  • Shake the container before use. When spraying, maintain a distance from the surface; the container should be at least 20 centimeters from the surface to be treated.
  • Pay attention to such places as baseboards, radiators, window sills, ventilation, trash cans, space behind furniture, washbasin counters, pipes.

Raid security

To achieve maximum results, the room must be closed for several days. But not everyone has this opportunity, so they leave their home for at least a few hours. Then you need to carry out wet cleaning and ventilate the apartment well. Wet cleaning is carried out using a soap or soap-soda solution, which will help neutralize the effect of poisons. Absolutely all exposed surfaces must be removed.

After 2 weeks, the procedure must be repeated. The fact is that this chemical does not destroy egg laying and young individuals will make themselves known. When repeated disinfestation, be sure to increase the concentration.

The principle of operation of the gel against cockroaches "Raid"

The manufacturers of Raid parasite gel claim that after treating a room with it, cockroaches leave the home within a few weeks. Then the substance can be washed off and the surfaces on which it was applied can be disinfected. Insect repellent gel "Raid" is known for its effectiveness, as most customer reviews indicate. The greatest effect can be achieved if you use the gel in the form of a tube. But it only helps when there are few cockroaches in the room, and they have not yet settled in the apartment.

By the way, it is recommended to buy this product for those who do not have pets or have the opportunity to give them to friends for a while. The fact is that this drug is not the most poisonous of all known means for controlling cockroaches. However, animals may not smell this substance and accidentally eat it, since it has no odor. Raid anti-parasite gel contains a lot of bait, but little poison. Most often it is sold in the form of a syringe containing gel; one syringe is enough to treat the room. Among the advantages of this drug is its effectiveness. Such a remedy for cockroaches is expensive, but there is no need to skimp on the fight against parasites.

Cockroach raid kills insects outright

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