Tropilaelaps mite is a new parasite of honey bees
In search of sweet juice, the bee lands on flowers and honey plants, which can be
Nephila the goldweaver
What is the name of the largest tarantula spider?
Nephila is a golden-weaving spider, which is classified as one of the species that spins the largest webs in the world. Average
Molds and yeasts. Mushrooms are parasites
Baker's yeast: friends or enemies to our body? I think it’s time to talk about the processes taking place
Ants and aphids on cucumbers
What to do with ants in a greenhouse with cucumbers - 13 effective control methods
Help and sabotage of ants in borage Therefore, if ants appeared, then first of all,
Whitefly on cucumbers: prevention, signs of appearance and 8 control methods
Whitefly and why it is dangerous Another name for whitefly is white midge. Among gardeners
If there are caterpillars on an apple tree, how to overcome them with the help of drugs or folk remedies
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Peacock eye
How the peacock butterfly overwinters: revealing the secrets of the insect
A striking representative of the nymphalid family, the peacock eye can be seen in early spring. She's dating
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Fly - description and characteristics The body length of a fly can be from a few millimeters to
Caucasian Bronzewort Cetonischema (Potosia) speciosa
68825 bronze beetle harmful insects Bronze beetle (Cetoniinae) is a subfamily of beetles belonging to the family of lamellar beetles
What is the life cycle of a wasp and how long does it live?
Features and habitat Wasp - belongs to the order Hymenoptera, and the suborder Stemulata. TO
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