Insect repellent Mr. Volt Dichlorvos against all types of insects aerosol 200 ml

Most people associate dichlorvos with a toxic substance that has a strong toxic odor. But everyone knows that aerosols are effective against harmful insects that have settled in the house.

Dichlorvos for bedbugs contains pyrethroids, which quickly destroy parasites by disrupting the activity of the nervous and respiratory systems of bloodsuckers.

These components are practically safe for the human body. In addition, the new products do not have a pronounced unpleasant odor, are accessible, affordable and easy to use.

Product effectiveness

People who have insects in their home want to know whether dichlorvos helps against bedbugs. The drug contains a number of chemicals that lead to the death of parasites.

But the aerosol only destroys pests that come into contact with insecticide drops. And most bloodsuckers that are not exposed to the poisonous solution often survive.

Is it possible to poison bedbugs with dichlorvos if there are a large number of bedbugs living in the house? If there is an excessive accumulation of insects, it is advisable to carry out comprehensive disinfestation, and the use of a single aerosol will not be effective.

To enhance the effect of the insecticide, it is recommended to spray it on sofas, walls, beds, that is, any nests of bedbugs. The spray does not leave marks on furniture. Its components are absorbed into soft surfaces, which is a good prevention against bloodsuckers.

So, answering the question of whether dichlorvos kills bedbugs, experts note that the insecticide does destroy pests, but only those that have had direct contact with the active components of the product.

The most effective treatment for bedbugs is considered to be comprehensive disinfestation, in which an aerosol is sprayed onto areas of maximum accumulation of parasites. And cracks, window sills and other insect habitats are treated with other potent preparations, for example, liquid concentrates or powders.

Advantages and disadvantages of the drug

Dichlorvos is a product that has both positive and negative characteristics. Important benefits include:

  • the ability to use a product for prevention (for example, if the housewife knows that bedbugs have appeared in a neighbor’s apartment, she can treat her home in order to prevent the invasion of parasites);
  • availability - even the best dichlorvos is inexpensive;
  • no traces after treatment;
  • versatility (the product is also effective against cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes);
  • relative safety for humans and pets;
  • lack of resistance to the pyrethroids included in the composition.

In addition, dichlorvos is used sparingly. The cylinder is enough to completely treat the apartment.

However, the product has a limited duration of action. It does not exceed a week. The greatest effect can be achieved only with focal treatment.

The product will not help if you spray it all over. In addition, since modern active ingredients are considered less toxic, the treatment will have to be repeated several times.

Composition and main properties

Dichlorvos is an insecticide produced as an aerosol placed in a can. Most modern antiparasitic sprays differ in composition from those previously produced under the name “dichlorvos”.

The main component of the insecticide is dimethyldichlorovinylphosphate. This is an organophosphorus liquid with a broad spectrum of action.

The new pesticides also contain cypermethrin piperonyl butoxide. The component acts on bloodsuckers contactally, blocking their NS, which causes paralysis and subsequent death of the insect. The advantage of the substance is low toxicity to humans.

To kill bedbugs, other active ingredients are added to the spray:

  • hyperonyl butoxide;
  • ethanol;
  • pyrmethrin;
  • aliphatic carbohydrates;
  • preservatives.

Thus, bedbugs and dichlorvos are incompatible concepts, because modern insecticides contain pyrethroids.

Plant alkaloids are safe for humans, but harmful to bloodsuckers.

In the human body, pyrethroids break down into safe, non-toxic metabolites. The most toxic component for humans is piperonyl butoxide, which can cause poisoning.

Operating principle

Dichlorvos is effective against bedbugs due to the chemical composition of the spray. Modern insecticides contain pyrethroid substances that block the nervous system of bloodsuckers.

Exterminators know how the aerosol works. Experts note that dichlorvos disrupts the functioning of the organs and systems of bedbugs. This causes the death of the parasites.

Modern aerosols have a complex effect. In addition to affecting the nervous system, the components of the products upset the functioning of the respiratory and digestive systems. Chemical components enter the bodies of bedbugs when insects interact with the places where the spray was sprayed.

Dichlorvos is a potent remedy that retains its effect for more than six months. After all, pyrethroids are unique poisons that have a powerful nerve-paralytic effect.

Varieties of dichlorvos

Many companies make bedbug killers. Moreover, insecticides have different names, compositions and smells.

Often the active ingredients of the drugs are identical, but their additional composition may differ. Modern odorless dichlorvos for bedbugs is a poisonous agent, which should be taken into account when using it and safety precautions must be observed.

To understand which dichlorvos is better, you need to consider each popular aerosol separately. Common sprays for bedbugs are Eco, Neo, Varan, Triple Strike.

Dichlorvos eco

The insecticide is produced by the Russian company Arnest. The composition of the drug is pyrethroids of synthetic origin and an extract from Dalmatian chamomile.

Eco is effective if there are bed bugs in the house. The product has a lavender scent that has a repellent effect.

Is it possible to remove bedbugs with dichlorvos eco?

Reviews from most people using the drug demonstrate that it quickly destroys adult bloodsuckers.

A cylinder with a volume of 190 cm costs about 100 rubles. Despite the availability and effectiveness of Eco spray, it is worth remembering that it is flammable and toxic.

Dichlorvos neo

The spray was developed by Arnest. Neo for bedbugs has almost no odor, so it is ideal for treating rooms where allergy sufferers, children, and pets are often present.

To understand whether bedbugs are afraid of this type of insecticide, it is necessary to consider its composition. In addition to pyrethroids, dichlorvos Neo contains organophosphorus substances and a synergist, which improves the penetration of poison through the hard shell of bedbugs.

The effect of the aerosol is observed for another 2 weeks after its use. A can of Neo, volume 190 ml, costs from 62 rubles.

Dichlorvos monitor lizard

This type of insecticide is available in several forms - Varan Forte, Aetiklop and Universal. The products help well against bed bugs, and their antiparasitic effect lasts up to 23 days.

Varan is produced by the Novosibirsk company Sibiar. It is advisable to poison with the drug the areas of maximum accumulation of bedbugs - a sofa, a bed, an armchair.

Varan has a powerful effect. The spray has a pleasant lemon scent. The cost of an aerosol is from 120 rubles.

Dichlorvos triple strike

Destruction of bedbugs in an apartment requires the use of potent toxic agents. Triple Impact, produced by Domovoy Proshka, is considered an effective insecticide.

But is it possible to get rid of bedbugs using this aerosol? The spray contains tetramethrin, cypermethrin, a synergist, which makes it a powerful insecticide that destroys parasites after the first treatment.

The advantages of the drug are convenient use and relative harmlessness to humans. Disadvantages - dichlorvos has a strong unpleasant odor.

After spraying the aerosol, the death of bedbugs occurs within 6 minutes. The effect lasts up to 14 days.

A cylinder containing 200 ml of a chemical solution costs about 140 rubles.

Trade marks

The group produces dichlorvos against several types of bedbugs: Neo, Innovative and Eco. They differ from each other in packaging volume, smell and combination of pyrethroids used:

  1. "Dichlorvos Neo" is produced in aerosols of 140, 190 and 600 ml. The largest volume bottle is equipped with an extension tube for treating hard-to-reach areas. The packaging promises that the product is odorless, but in fact there is still a minimal smell; after airing it quickly disappears. Insect protection lasts 30 days.

    Choosing highly effective dichlorvos against bedbugs

  2. “Dichlorvos innovative” differs from the previous product in being even less toxic to people. This safety was achieved using substances similar in composition to natural pyrethrins. Bottle volume 400 ml.
  3. “Dichlorvos eco” 140 ml contains cypermethrin, a rather strong substance that persists for a long time in areas of treatment. Has a light lavender scent.

    Choosing highly effective dichlorvos against bedbugs

Dichlorvos “Varan” is produced against bedbugs; it is represented by two types: Varan A and Varan Forte. Their composition is approximately the same: in Varan A the percentage of poisons is higher, but Varan Forte contains an amplifier. The line also includes a special product Varan Antiklop, its composition is completely identical to Forte.

Choosing highly effective dichlorvos against bedbugs

On store shelves you can occasionally find dichlorvos No. 1, which is produced by Krasnodar. The active ingredients used are similar to the Varan brand; this drug also has no odor.

The percentage of active ingredients in various brands of dichlorvos.

Choosing highly effective dichlorvos against bedbugs

Instructions for use

Before treating a room with an insecticide, you should be properly prepared. All rooms need to be dusted and then ventilated. You need to remove the curtains from the windows and hide all the food in the refrigerator or cabinets.

It is necessary to free up hard-to-reach places. Windows and ventilation ducts must be closed. All people and animals should be removed from all rooms.

How to use dichlorvos? The can must be shaken several times. Then the stream is directed to places where bedbugs accumulate, holding the bottle as far as possible from the face.

The following areas must be treated with the spray:

  1. furniture;
  2. bin;
  3. cabinets;
  4. baseboards;
  5. window sills;
  6. corners;
  7. carpets;
  8. paintings;
  9. shells;
  10. floor.

How to get rid of bedbugs with dichlorvos so as not to harm your health? After spraying the spray, you should leave the room for at least 30 minutes.

It is better to enter the room when the smell has completely disappeared.

After treatment, you need to ventilate the room for 60 minutes. Then you should do a wet cleaning of your home. Clothes and bedding should be washed in very hot water.

Features of use

If you find parasites in your home, you need to immediately decide which dichlorvos for bedbugs is best suited for home pest control. As already mentioned, the most acceptable option is “neo” and “monitor” aerosols. These products do not damage furniture, plastic and fabric surfaces. When properly processed, the film remains on the surfaces of hard-to-reach places for six months. This means that the parasite will not soon want to return to its old habitat.

Before purchasing the drug, any person faced with a similar economic problem wants to know for sure: does dichlorvos help against bedbugs? Manufacturers assure that yes, but for the treatment to be effective, you must carefully study the instructions and strictly act according to its recommendations. To do this, you must adhere to the following rules:

  1. Before processing begins, you need to pack dishes, food, clothing and personal hygiene items in plastic wrap.
  2. You only need to work in a respirator and gloves. To protect the skin, it is advisable to carry out the treatment in a long work coat.
  3. During disinfestation, doors and windows in the room must be tightly closed.
  4. Before starting work, you need to shake the product contained in the bottle well.
  5. It is important to carefully treat the areas where parasites are most concentrated, as well as their suspected habitats: cracks in the floor, baseboards, furniture parts, sofas and beds.
  6. After finishing work, you must leave your home for at least half an hour. Returning to the house, you need to open all the windows, creating a draft.

The treatment must be carried out in protective equipment.
Before you treat the sofa against bedbugs with dichlorvos, you should understand that after this it will emit an odor for several weeks, or even a whole month. If this option suits all residents, then you can start working. Moreover, the drug is considered quite effective and does not leave any marks on the upholstery.

Precautionary measures

Despite the fact that modern dichlorvos for bedbugs are less toxic than their predecessors, it is important to adhere to safety rules when using them. It is advisable to treat the apartment in a special suit, gloves, respirator, and goggles. This will provide protection to the skin and mucous membranes, which can cause burns and allergic reactions if poison comes into contact.

Other precautions:

  1. During disinfestation, the can must be kept at a distance of half a meter from the face.
  2. Do not spray near heating devices or open flames.
  3. You cannot stay in the treated room for a long time and immediately after applying the insecticide against blood-sucking insects, you must immediately leave the room.
  4. After disinfestation, you should thoroughly wash your face and hands.
  5. After 2-4 hours after applying the poison, you should wipe all surfaces in the house with a damp sponge.

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